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Ingenia 3.0T MRI

Fully digital MRI system designed for patient comfort and to deliver premium image quality at high speed and..

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Digital X-Ray

Special automatic exposure control (AEC) permits short, accurate exposures for effective...

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Spectral CT

Spectral Imaging Brings New Light to CT. The ability to perform image acquisition and processing at...

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PureWave crystal technology provides significantly higher image quality and improved diagnostic confidence...

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Digital Mammography

Spectral data is acquired in routine scans for breast tissue composition. Differentiating between adipose and...

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Digital PET/CT

Digitizing MR signals directly in the RF (radio frequency) coil delivers up to 40% higher SNR (signal to noise ratio)...

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Radiopharmaceuticals are a group of pharmaceutical drugs which have radioactivity...

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Radionuclide Therapy

Modern cancer therapy has proven partially successful in treating and prolonging the lives of patients with many common types of cancer...

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Proton Therapy

How it will benefit patients? With this technology, there is less radiation dose.....

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Our Medical Centre

Medical Services are now available at the Advanced Medicine Imaging and Medical Centre...

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Patient Care and Health Info

Keen to find out more about your health? Read about topical medical issues...

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Wellness Packages

We offer a full range of wellness packages for health screening. To review our packages...

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