ProBeam Proton Therapy Solution


For more than a decade, Varian's research and development in proton therapy has focused exclusively on its advanced form of Pencil Beam Scanning. Varian's ProBeam® system stands apart from other proton therapy systems in that it uses pencil beam scanning for unprecedented precision, making Varian the industry leader. Clinicians can now treat larger and more complex tumours, while at the same time sparing healthy tissue. Only pencil beam scanning can deliver this type of results. The use of proton therapy—partnered with the accuracy of pencil beam scanning—offers optimal tumour control.

Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy

    After decades of development, proton therapy is effective in the treatment of cancer. And IMPT is the next frontier in proton therapy. ProBeam Compact gives you access to IMPT, drawing on the leadership of Varian Medical Systems.

    • We’ve pioneered the development of pencil beam scanning (PBS), a foundational technology for IMPT.

    • Thousands of patients have been treated with Varian’s PBS technology since 2007.

    • We continue to advance IMPT technology today through ongoing investment and research. The result for you is new options without trade-offs.

    • With ProBeam Compact clinicians can optimize precision and minimize side effects.

    • The streamlined workflow improves the experience for both patient and therapist.

    • Starting with ProBeam Compact enables you to attain IMPT capabilities in a smaller footprint.