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What is Proton Therapy Treatment?

Proton therapy is a newer mode of radiation therapy that destroys cancer cells using positively charged subatomic particles. This allows for more precise targeting of a tumour compared to the x-rays used in standard radiotherapy. This results in less damage to nearby healthy tissues and organs, and hence, potentially, less treatment-related side effects.

How is Proton Therapy Different from Traditional Radiation Therapy?

In traditional radiation therapy, X-ray beams are typically used to treat cancer. The X-ray beams go through the cancerous tissue (tumour) destroying both healthy and...

cancerous areas along the path of the beam. Proton beams enter the body and deposit most of their energy at the target – the site of the tumour. Radiation oncology physicians are able to focus the energy of the proton beam within a tumour, minimizing damage to nearby healthy tissues and vital organs.

How many Proton Therapy centres are there in the World?

There is a total of 79 centres in the World with 27 centres in the U.S.A, 25 centres across Europe, 18 in Japan, 4 in China and 2 in South Korea. The Advanced Medicine Oncology Centre (“AMO Centre”) in Singapore will be...

the first to utilize proton therapy treatment in South East Asia, Australia and the New Zealand region. Proton Therapy is fast becoming the mainstream form of cancer treatment as its technology has made vast improvements in the early detection and accurate treatment of tumours.

Proton Therapy Redefines Radiation


Patients benefit from minimal radiation exposure and damage to nearby healthy tissues and organs, and hence reduced treatment-related side effects like nausea, vomiting, fatigue, or even developing a second cancer due to over exposure of radiation in standard radiotherapy. Patients also benefit from enjoying improved quality of life using proton therapy treatment. The treatment is fast and effective in treating many types of tumours as well as cancers that cannot be removed completely by surgery.

Proton therapy is at least as effective as conventional radiation therapy, but with fewer side effects. In some cases, proton therapy is not only the best but also the only option for patients.

Proton therapy is typically used for localized tumours that have not spread to other parts of the body and is effective in treating a wide-range of cancers.

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