Dr Wong Ru Xin is our senior consultant radiation oncologist whose expertise lies in treating cancer with proton beam therapy and she is competent with other techniques such as stereotactic radiosurgery, IMRT, VMAT, 3D and electron therapy. She graduated from the National University of Singapore on the Dean’s list and was the recipient of a several academic prizes. She then underwent training at National Cancer Centre and worked there for more than 10 years before leaving for Proton Therapy SG. During her time in NCCS, she received several research and clinical grants to implement new technologies. As part of her training for proton therapy in Singapore, she was sponsored by the Ministry of Health to learn proton beam therapy in the USA for 6 months. She also learnt at Kobe proton centre as well as Provision Cares proton center, and successfully completed several courses in Particle Therapy and radiosurgery.  She is a member of Particle Therapy Co-operative group Asia-Oceania. Her focus is on using proton beam therapy for treatments.

Dr Wong has received grants to implement clinical services, and published on breast, sarcomas, pediatric, brain and head and neck cancers. Click here to access the publications. 

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Contact her at ruxin.wong@proton.sg